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Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization (R.I.C.O.) 


Helen Winslow – Esq. Attorney-in fact for Wrangler Apparel Corp – General Counsel- Wrangler Apparel Corp  - Former Secretary of the Delaware Supreme Court, United States.

U.S. citizen, currently lives in the U.S.A. She currently  works for VF Corp.

Steve Burkhardt - Diector Global Licensing and Business Development at VF Corporation.

U.S. citizen, currently lives in the U.S.A.. He currently doesn´t work for VF Corp. He was fired after 28 years of working at VF CORP because of the affair Minicata.


- Nina Sanchez - VF Licence Manager Latin America.

 U.S. citizen, currently lives in the U.S.A.. She currently doesn´t work for VF Corp, She was fired after 22 years of working at VF CORP because of the Minicata affair.


Dr. Diego S. Krischcautzky – Esq - Attorney-in-fact for Wrangler Apparel Corp. and partner at Marval, O´Farrell & Mairal law firm.

Argentine citizen, currently lives in Argentina.


  • VF Corporation is an American holding company under the laws of Delaware whose stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the watchdog is the Security Exchange Commision (S.E.C.) 
  • The subsidiaries arising from VF corp´s balance document exhibit 21 submitted to the S.E.C. are audited by Price WaterhouseCoopers EEUU. doc 2.1 
  • The amount in concept of anual revenues from VF Corp submitted to the S.E.C. are audited by Price WaterhouseCoopers EEUU.



  • WAC (Helen Winslow) signs a contract with SA Minicata to develop the brand Wrangler Kids (0-16 years) in Argentina. doc

  • Minicata S.A. grants four (4) franchises to open exclusive stores "Wrangler"



  • Minicata S.A. never delivered the agreed goods, but all checks cashed.
  •  The Franchisees Wrangler reported WAC and VF Aregntina of what was happening. (Nina Sánchez, Gustavo Lorences, Claudio Ruiz y Fernando Lutz)
  •  VF Argentina informed to Wrangler´s Franchisees  that Minicata S.A. had  serious economics and financial problems. doc19.4 
  •  WAC (Helen Winslow y Diego Krischcautzky) informed to Wrangler´s Franchisees that they acted clumsy and they were victims of a fraudulent scheme by Minicata S.A., “because Minicata S.A. WAS NOT AUTHORIZED to appoint franchisees Wrangler.” WAC intímate to close 4 franchisees´s exclusive stores under threatened to initiate civil and criminal actions. doc 12.1doc 12.2 ,  doc 12.3.1 
  •  WAC (Helen Winslow) terminated the contract with Minicata S.A., She never mentioned as grounds for termination contract with Minicata S.A. they have granted franchises Wrangler. doc 12.5 doc 12.6


  • VF Jeanswear Argentina S.A,. (Marisa Esquerdo y José María López ) informed to Wrangler´s  franchisees that VF Jeanswear Argentina is not a member of the economic group VF Corp.  doc 13.2 


  • VF Jeanswear Argentina S.A., (Marisa Esquerdo y José María López) informed to Wrangler´s  franchisees that VF Jeanswear Argentina has never executed functions of supervisión and approval over Minicata S.A´s actions. doc 13.1 , doc 13.31  
  • Wrangler´s franchisees closed all (4) their exclusive Wrangler´s stores because of the threat of injunction and judgment received by WAC (Helen Winslow y Diego Krischcautzky), BELIEVING THAT ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY WAC IN HIS LETTERS WAS TRUE.
  • Wrangler´s franchisees made a criminal complaint against Minicata S.A. for fraud as informed by WAC (Helen Winslow y Diego Krischcautzky). 
  •  Criminal justice in Argentina conducted raids at the offices of WAC and VF Argentina, where documentation was found:
  1. WAC (Steve Burkhardt) February 25, 2008, authorized a business plan Minicata SA, whose mainstay was to grant franchises Minicata SA. doc 23.1
  2. WAC (Nina Sánchez) January 06, 2008,  gives Minicata S.A. a model franchise agreement used by VF Argentina. doc
  3. WAC (Nina Sánchez) August 23, 2007, informed to all the enterprise VF Corp that Minicata SA  grant franchises shortly. doc 16.1 , doc

  • WAC (Steve Burkhardt) devised a plan to get rid of the franchisees without cost and responsibility for WAC establishing roles of each employee of VF corp  (WAC,VF Argentina) . doc 19.3 ,  doc 19.2  ,  doc 23.2 , doc 23.3  ,   doc 23.4  ,   doc 23.5. Recall that Steve was the one who authorized Minicata SA to grant Wrangler franchises.
  • WAC (Diego Krischcautzky ) y VF Argentina ( Marisa Esquerdo) did not want to show the link between companies for 2 reasons: doc 19.1 , doc 35.e1 , doc 35.e2  

              A-the extent of the Minicata´s bankruptcy to VF Argentina and Wrangler.

              B- The possibility of the loss of VF Argentina´s Tax Benefit in Argentina

  • Final Criminal Resolution, November 2012, determined that Minicata SA was authorized to appoint franchisees Wrangler. doc 31.2
  • Final Criminal Resolution, November 2012, determined that Wrangler´s officials were aware of all the actions of Minicata SA and their franchisees.
  • The documentation obtained in the searches proves that:

          1 - Helen Winslow (Wrangler USA) knew about the Minicata network of franchisees since August 2008 doc 22i.e. lied with knowing, and at the same time carried out a plan of disruption of the rights of franchisees.

         2 - Diego Krischcautzky and Gonzalo Fontana were notified by Wrangler in 27/02/2009 that Minicata S.A. was authorized to grant franchisees since February 2008doc 22.0


·         Former MLG Local Wrangler exclusive , in Devoto shopping, which was forced to close, the next month it reopened as an exclusive local Wrangler, USING ALL THE FACILITIES THAT MLG SH was forced to leave. On Sepetmber 2013 the exclusive store open, continuous being Wrangler, and is  the more local bill across the enterprise.


·         After narrated everything down here, a year later MINICATA SA bankruptcy


Quantification of damage  doc 42

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